So I know I shouldn’t believe in such things, being Singaporean I respect most elements of other religions beliefs and tolerate the ashes which make my nose go wonking, smoke which thins the ozone layer even more and causes me to cough. I even say sorry when I or the dogs step on ashes.

BUT, it’s the weirdest thing, Ry woke up at 1am yesterday, I got her back to sleep but my throat was feeling funny and I had to cough so I left the room, she started screaming, R couldn’t get her to set down, the only thing that made her stop was by looking out the window and she would grin, spooky. So R got her night feed bottle (90ml) which we haven’t had to give in ages, ready and managed to get her back to sleep. Then at 5am, I heard her on the monitor but I think she went back to sleep and just before 6am, she’s up again laughing (normal, usual behaviour) so I got out of bed and played with her for 30 mins. So sleepy now….


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