Last Minute …. as usual.

Ok, for someone who does events, this is very very bad but I haven’t done a thing for Rylen’s birthday *hangs head in shame*. The problem is that well, I can’t decide… I personally would love love love a My Little Pony or a Hello Kitty party but Rylen has 3 likes – Mother Mary, I’m not kidding when she wakes up. she crawls over to kiss the Mother Mary picture and before she sleeps too and for someone who doesn’t go to church it amuses me and for the catholic that I am it’s just darling. #2. she love the squirrels on Hide & Seek I believe they taught her how to clap hands 🙂 and 3. she loves Minny Mouse, she kisses her playmat cos there’s Minnie Mouse on it.

So do I go crazy with a Minny Mouse cake, banner, balloon, etc etc when it’s just family? The ‘professional’ event planner is screaming YES YES YES themes are like soooo important and the tired Mom is like are you serious. So erm, I’m still not sure. I need to send out invites by this weekend the lil party is next WEEK!!



2 thoughts on “Last Minute …. as usual.

  1. A Mother Mary party would be hilarious (and bordering on blasphemous maybe)!!! HAHAHA

    I pretty much pulled all the party prep stuff together in two weekends (plus a National Day public holiday) and it took that long because I was so anal about doing everything myself down to designing the thank you card/shopping for biscuits/dictating what the cake should look like (yeah I’m mad)! You can do it!

  2. My Mom would kill me ahahaha. I think I’ll be driving the husband nutters this weekend. And if I can find a Minnie mouse candle I’m baking my own cake…. I’m gonna be sorry I’m sure.

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