Teething sucks

I said it, it’s ok if she wakes up at 2am or something but not at 5am, I can deal with 2am. I guess she heard me *sigh* she woke up after midnight all upset, damn tooth and then couldn’t get back to sleep, sigh. Now that she calls me Mom….  I think she’s fallen off to sleep and then I start to creep off and I hear it loud and clear MOM? Gulp, yes Rylen? 🙂

So anyways, after 45 minutes, the Daddy took over, some milk and she finally went back to sleep. My head and face hurt and I’m worried I’m gonna get sick but I did in general get a good 1.5 plus 4.5 hours of sleep.  6 hours is enough to get me through the day in general, no boring meetings scheduled…zzzz.

2 thoughts on “Teething sucks

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