Birthday Party = One Tired Mother

When mothers used to tell me how tired they were I’d roll my eyes… tired is working till 7pm, hurrying home, getting dressed up, looking at your bed in lust and deciding that Beyonce at some sweaty R&B club or some other DJ at Zouk was worth the trouble, hailing a cab, dancing and drinking till 3am, heading to Newton to chow down the awesome carrot cake and reaching home at 5am. That was tiring… the thing is, being childless also gives you the opportunity to sleep the whole day if you so please, a luxury no mother can enjoy without feeling like a total turd.

Anyways, we celebrated Ry’s birthday a weekend earlier with the family and OHMIGAWD I’m so tired!

So the prep started on Sat, where I decided to make like a 100 cookies 😦 , started at 7.30 and finished only at 10am. Then I rushed to get my hair trimmed and coloured. Rushed to get food for the party and R was running late for a meeting. Passed out for 30 mins. Sent Ry and Deza to my Mom’s while I decided to make Steak and Guinness Stew for dinner (I know silly), got Ry to bed, had dinner, showered both dogs, put up the deco (lil bit), crashed.

Sunday, party day! Got up at 7.30am, there was salad, fruit salad, burgers, grilled chicken wings (so many of them), doing up the dining table!
Ry's 1st B'day!

My Darling in yellow, then the husband showed me the picture he took, I was like aww, she looks so pretty here 🙂
My sunshine

Then finally people started coming, came outta my room and whoa… what’s up with the red eggs… ok I know it’s a luck thing but OHMYGAWD her dress!! And argh her face. I control my urge to scream for 2 whole minutes before I made R take her away so I could clean her up, needless to say she wasn’t pleased either.
Oh dear foodness...

Family came and lotsa eating playing etc and I realised it was already 2pm and Rylen’s nap time is usually 2.30pm so we NEED to cut the cake.
Minnie Madness

Cake was cute and all but the taste left MUCH to be desired, so I won’t say where’s it from but lets say… I had a slice and it sucked so bad even R couldn’t eat it!

There weren’t any great posed pictures a bit hard when the candle keeps going out, people shouting look here, look here, I need a tan, Rylen looking grumpy, grabbing the cake, touching the hot wax, cousins making funny faces, etc etc… but these two aren’t picture perfect but I so love them.

My life = Chao like 75% of the time, for R who loves to relax and be all Zen… I think he’s just hanging on for the ride 🙂 but I love it. Dogs, babies, cousins, family, friends = Awesomeness


Rylen and Mom

After the …wayyy too short nap (due to the sugar I think) we passed her one of her cards with music and ohmygoodness I now know why these cards were invented *heh*

Bit dark cos there’s super bright sun coming in from the balcony.

Oh and one last picture of our trip to MacRitchie Reservoir a few days earlier she refused to hold our hands, ma baby is growing up.

No Hands Please

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