#2 Week 14

So it seems like I skipped 2 weeks but in actually fact I had durian, awesome durian the hubba got from Geylang and it makes babies grow and Lil Deux’s age jumped 5 days 🙂 I missed last week cos I was so busy.

So we did the OSCAR test and blood test last Friday. R was traumatized that Lil Deux’s results weren’t as good as Ry’s but given that I’m older I guess the chances of Down’s is just a lil  higher? I dunno but when you go by percentage, it’s really tiny and you know what…there are many many many other things that could possibly go wrong. I do hope that I have another healthy strong baby but sometimes I have morbid thoughts of a very unkind Higher Power and he’s like (in a booming voice) “I have given you a good healthy kid, do you think you deserve another? really? really do you?” But I have to look at my 3 darling babies and remind myself I’ve been lucky so far, so I should be positive.

Anyways, Lil D is healthy, strong heart, good measurements etc. I didn’t have Coco Crunch this time round so there was no dancing but he or she didn’t flash us either so we have not idea if it’s a boy or girl. I guess we’ll find out when we go for the 20 Week Detailed Scan. I won’t be going to visit the gyne before unless I feel something might be wrong or whatever. We visit  gynes way too often in Singapore anyways and that’s why they drive BMWs.

Other then in general I’m sleepy and in bed by 10.30pm and the hormonal headaches have started, I’m feeling pretty good and according to MH, I’m showing, which is better than just look fat I guess. Haven’t put on any weight yet *whew* but I’m sure it’ll start soon.

Rylen’s Birthday tomorrow, I can’t believe that just last year I was having contractions and on a LONG road to well… having Rylen. 🙂 Worth it I know.

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