Birthday Letter from Daddy

Dear Rylen,

As you reach the one year milestone this 4th September weekend, the first thing that comes to mind, is that I haven’t slept well for one year. But it is the second thing and thereafter that really matters. I realize that my capacity to love grew exponentially the day you were born. I cried that day. As tears welled up in my eyes, I realized that you didn’t smell disgusting like I thought you would and that the Canon G10 really is an idiot-proof camera. You were this almost three and a half kilos of blueish-grey mass and mess that I couldn’t stop snapping at. For awhile I forgot that your poor mommy existed, it was just you, me and Canon. Speaking of mommy, she looked horrible by the time you were out but she became to me the “toughest mutha of all”. I mean she was in pain for almost twenty hours but you just “relak” the whole time but that’s another story.

Fast forward to the present time and you are this “little person” I’ve been entrusted to father, to help shape into a good human-being. That is perhaps the scariest part of all. I still struggle just to keep myself in check. Mommy on the other hand seems to have you figured out most of the time. In my honest opinion, she is the best that God could bestow on you. She works her butt off for you, the daily food menus, activity plans and “mommy time” which she never gives up no matter how tired she is. So be thankful for her, I know the dogs are. In return, I am really thankful for you. Your flying kisses when I leave for work. Your smile when I get home. Your quality not quantity hugs and kisses. Your regular farts so I know you’re mine. Your laughter so I know I bring you joy. So many more but most important of all, the privilege you’ve given me to be your daddy.

It didn’t all come at once, it took a year, a life changing year.

Now every day that you are in my life, I know there is one more day I can’t remember not having you in my life.

Happy 1st Birthday My Darling Rybear.

Like I say every night, “Daddy loves you”.


One thought on “Birthday Letter from Daddy

  1. Oh, that’s so sweet of the daddy 🙂

    Happy belated birthday, Rylen! Lots of interesting and wonderful stuff waiting for you to explore, enjoy!

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