All Sick… :(

Husband being stubborn refused to see a doctor last week cos he still thinks he’s He Man *rolls eyes*. Now he’s still sick but Deza and I am sick too. So thanks babe.

Deza is going to the doctor’s later and I’m going soon (maybe tomorrow) but I doubt I can take much anyways so might not bother, just lotsa warm water, Strepsils and cold tablets. happy Happy Joy Joy.

So anyway, I’ve unlocked post bout Lil Deux, the very first post, our first look at him or her and finally it sinking in here, there’s more along the way but it’d be silly to bore you.


One thought on “All Sick… :(

  1. Aww, just read the unlocked posts and I’m so HAPPY for you! You are a wonderful mummy in my eyes – take care of yourself and have a good rest 🙂

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