I kinda realised that this blog isn’t chock a block of information. It’s not that I’m selfish, really I’m not and I’m sure of you bothered to read between the lines there’s useful info in there somewhere… but I’m a whiner, opinionated BUT funny (I think lah) whiner. So anyways, I’ll try and be useful …

So books, I had requested for books on Rylen’s wish list, because books;  I realised are bloody expensive (I usually borrow or beg) and ‘them’ hard books just aren’t cheap. Plus it’s not easy getting good books that appeal to both the baby and  the Mommy. There’s just so many times you can read the same book over and over again and flow is important to me, so my ‘review’ is below, hope someone finds it useful.

So the review: Phoebe who I’ve never met, R’s friend got us all the  books we requested, how VERY kind of her *thanks Phoebe* In order to get that lil list I spent 2 hours on Amazon reading reviews!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar – very cute she looks at this in the car mostly

Can Moo – I haven’t even been able to even have a look at this one…sigh

Going to Bed Book – this one I like, it’s so sweet, short, slightly quirky and great before bed time book

Where’s Baby’s Birthday Cake – just pretty, I love it… she’s already torn the flip chair off and I glued it back with super glue! I love the colours and sparkles. I also have Where’s Baby’s Belly Button.

Wet Pet… – I’m not sure how long this book is gonna keep it’s fur and feathers but it’s very cute.

I also liked

Roaring Rory, Huge Henry Stripey Sam which Cheryl gave during Ry’s baby shower, fun to do the voices, nice flow but normal paper pages so I have to now put Rylen in her cage crib and read to her from the chair or she WILL tear the pages apart.

Do let me know your MUST READS, caring is sharing 🙂


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