Sleep is NOT overrated

Rylen had a cold on Saturday and 2 doses of her cold medicine and she was good as gold (yes, we were all on pins & needles hoping she wouldn’t get sick). Then last night I heard coughing, oh crap oh crap oh crap… and she woke up at 10pm, 11.45pm, 4.15 and then 4.45pm… and none of us went back to bed really. So basically it wasn’t a good night at all for any of us. All that and this morning I didn’t get a flying kiss or a high five *hmph*.

Been waiting for her to get sick or be well since last week cos I need to bring her in for her jab and 1 year check up … sigh… bad timing all around.

Soon there will be 2 and… oh double the ‘fun’.

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