#2 Week 16

Physically – I look further along that I am, I’m 16 weeks but when I look back at old photos looks at least 22 weeks . Which reminds me I need to start getting belly shots again. I have a tripod and loads of NICE BLANK WALLS, no need to take pictures in the office loo :).

I sometimes think I feel lil flickers of movement but it’s too soon for anyone else to feel it, usually there’s nothing all it’s quiet in there. The headaches have faded off, no feelings of I wanna barf now matter how slight. If it weren’t for Rylen’s maddening waking up nonsense I’d be as fresh as a daisy.

I know that in a week or two I won’t be able to fit into my work pants or regular jeans *sob*. I also should be over this cough and will try… jogging (not running), fact is I barely started running again before I found out. I know my fitness level is that of a sedated average local *cringe*.

Mentally, I’m not sure if it’s because I’m tired or it’s the pregnancy but my brain is turning into swiss cheese again. It is frustrating to finally feel like I’m getting back into the whole work thing, running my own events etc just to know what next year I’m gonna be left behind again, come back and be a little lost because so many things would have changed for sure.

There are a lot of differences between Rylen and Lil Deux, with Rylen I was pretty pampered, had lotsa sleep, exercise and food (which explains the 18kg). With Lil Deux, not enough sleep, I put Rylen first while thinking about Lil Deux’s safety and hence I don’t think much about myself at all…. me…. not think about me… whoa. Exercise is walking to as many places as I can so my ass doesn’t melt into my legs. I don’t eat as much maybe cos I don’t exercise as much and frankly all late night eating is cancelled out cos I’d rather sleep. It’s not easy but I keep thinking about how I NEVER HAVE TO DO THIS EVER AGAIN and I’m like *whew*.


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