Back to Normal?

Two straight nights, I don’t wanna jinx it but it’s nice to have enough sleep. I think the issues were:-

1. Walking. I think it frustrated her that she wasn’t getting it fast enough and had to hold on to things every 7 steps or so. She decided that she was gonna practice at 4am since she was up anyways. So she’s walking all over  the place these days, it’s the cutest thing and we still have no baby gates… oh well the world in general has no baby gates nor protected corners (we don’t have those either, oops).

2. Her blocked nose? I’m not sure bout this one but she did have it when she’d wake up and she would try to clear it. I can imagine it being frustrating, I suffer the same fate. Because our area has a lot of green which we love, it also means mosquitoes, which we hate. So the AC has to be on… could be the ac, could be the milk which we’ve stopped for now.

3. TEETHING!! Which would explain why she’s been such a cow. Two teeth at that! The lower ones. Soon she’ll have 8 pearlie whites!

Managed to catch her frown, it’s so funny, the first few times she did it we laughed and laughed and laughed. Now we’re trying not to have a reaction because I don’t want it to be a habit but I still think it’s so funny!!
Watchu talking about? What do ya mean NO?

Have you seen a more annoyed kid?


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