B’day Weekend

Can I just report that I had a pedicure!! Oh what bliss.

So I took leave on Friday to well… get a pedicure, rest (not much of that) and to deal with little fix it jobs around the house cos nothing seems to be perfect, sigh. I wish I knew how to drill holes and hang up pictures but it seems to be tremendously difficult.

Saturday was spoilt thanks to my sinus issues… it never fails. But I did have a farewell lunch with a friend and I dare say I’ll miss her. Lunch reminded me why we were friends in the first place and I feel shitty I let her husband get in the way of our friendship, oh well – live and learn.

Sunday… get this I went to church – mass and didn’t burst into flames. Of course I didn’t hear a word of what was being said cos I was keeping tabs on my lil monster but I went and no it won’t become a habit.

I also baked R’s red velvet birthday cake earlier that morning, he’s christened it a beautiful monster. This is why I can never be a stay at home Mom and make cakes for a living. I can bake but I cannot decorate, no one’s perfect. Love ones came over and Rylen loves spending time with her cousins. Straglers had pizza and I wanted to order delivery BUT it would have taken 2 hours (forgot F1) so R went to get it and found out his car had died (what a b’day) but in the end we got the pizza and I made a salad and I think most of the day was nice, my back was just killing me when I went to bed.

3 monsters_BW

3 Monsters 😛

Allen bday cake

Happy 35th My Darling Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear XOXO


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