She Bites

8 lil sharp teeth which can draw blood. At night after her bath, she’s was being her super cute self. I put her down with her PJs on and she goes to her book box, pulls out 3 books. I take 2 she takes 1 and she walks over to her mat for story/ snatch the book from Momma/ walk around till Momma says/ reads something interesting time. It’s seriously cute.

Then mid cuddle, she bit me through my tee and when I said “ouch, that hurts, stop” she bit even harder till she drew blood. Sigh. Got a small pat on the mouth, she frowns, I say “No biting, we do not bite people and it really hurt Rylen, Mommy is really upset with you now” and I frown back. 2 seconds later and the wailing starts, sobbing and she crawls over for cuddles till I tell her I love her. Then she kinda sits away from me flipping through the books…ahahaha.

She went through the same thing with plugs and sockets and now understands that we mean it when we say she’s not suppose to touch them. I really hope she’s not gonna start biting, that’s just awful and it bloody hell hurts. Told my mother bout it later and she ask if I’ve applied Dettol… erm, I said “your grandchild bit me not a stray cat… Mom” 🙂


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