A lil Green

Ry has decided that broccoli – plain, ain’t that nice. Instead of refusing she just stores it in her cheeks like a hamster *shakes head*. Had steamed some broccoli for our dinner and gave her a floret, she used to finish it right up now she accepts it and I’m thinking how cool right… Then I’m having a lil banana cake so I have her 2 bites and got her water and notice her cheeks are darn big… she drinks her water… still big. What’s in there? BROCCOLI. So I remove the broccoli bits.

Bathing her and there’s a bit of green when she grins back at me… wait… MORE BROCCOLI, what in the world!!

Told my Mom the story and she was like yeah, she gave her some broccoli too, later she drank her milk and my mom put her down for her afternoon nap and she woke up with BROCCOLI in her mouth! OHMYGAWD.

It’s amazing, I don’t understand how she drinks, eats other things and sleeps with the offending vegetable in her mouth!!


2 thoughts on “A lil Green

  1. This post made me laugh out loud! The image of a bub with cheeks stuffed with broccoli is just too adorably funny =) Just watch out as it can be a choking hazard!

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