13th Month

Sorry I spent your 13th month at work, working on seating plans because I can’t seem to get any actual work done with all the emails questioning my sanity, wanting answers yesterday and not forgetting the 7 versions of a document which I’m pretty sure will reach V10 by the 11 October.

This is why I’m going to push you to be better in school, to have a goal and work towards it. To have a skill not be some rubbish – marketing, media, event, blah blah blah. A SKILL. Because seriously being a minion, the only joy you have is the holiday your savings allows you to go on and I can tell you right now… IT’S NEVER ENOUGH.

I want you to do something fulfilling, worth your while and hopefully something that kinda makes you happy. That unfortunately  means you might resent me at some point but… Mommy knows best…. I think, I hope. 🙂

Anyways, about you – 8 teeth and you’re getting really heavy. The funny thing is that when you give one of your massive hugs, you don’t really feel all that heavy :). We still haven’t had your first year visit to the doctor yet because we were all sick-ish but soon. You’re totally babbling and there’s very seldom a still moment, a quiet moment – unless you’re asleep. You’ve learnt to sayang (love) your dogs; finally and now you point when you want us to go somewhere, already refusing to hold hands when we go out, don’t really want to be carried…. goodness. You’re becoming so independent.

Learning to share….kinda

Smile for Momma


Thanks MH for getting these shots 🙂


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