Really Universe? REALLY??!!

I have an event on Monday, lotsa last minute rushing around because it NEVER matters how early you start, everything will only happen a few days before. So I need to be alert and all that crap but I’m so bloody tired, cos RyBear won’t sleep through the night AGAIN. Everyday…EVERYDAY she wakes up and even though R puts her to bed, I’m up and because I’m pregnant can’t seem to fall back asleep for at least an hour after.

I think today, the only reason I realised I had slept was because I had a really weird dream where the husband was mucho upset that I haven’t given him his birthday present yet . Actually that’s real – doesn’t matter that I baked him a fug but tasty cake, threw him a lil surprise do, ordered pizza and visited STRIP *bloody ouch*. When the hell am I going to find the time to get to HMV to get him his Slipknot DVD and Stone Sour CD. So in my dream, he’s bitching so much I took some baby, not Rylen, some smaller kid and walk away from him and then we were playing catch the crazy mother. It was heart racing stuff I tell ya.

Anyways, I digress, as usual. I think Rylen is TEETHING again. God if you’re listening… come on, you just let 2 out recently, give us a wee break here. Signs – she bit Deza on the cheek, kinda funny when it doesn’t happen to you :), she super cranky, she kept gnawing on the shower head and did I mention the cranky baby who refuses to sleep and only wants to be carried UP right.

I’m sure when she’s 28 and I’m telling these stories to her potential husband or when she’s 40 and I’m telling these stories to HER children it’ll be all har har har. For now I look like well… shit, I have my usual dark circles (genetic thing) and now I’ve added bags, my back hurts and I need coffee, a facial… and of course SLEEP.

Sigh, 8.30am, had my breakfast while typing this and now I’m gonna wait till bout 9ish to get coffee so it last longer, time to work :(.


2 thoughts on “Really Universe? REALLY??!!

  1. She’s not really drama, just stubborn. And you know I don’t care if she cries but she cries till she vomits can… sooo… hmmm maybe she is major drama queen. Sigh.

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