Yesterday, I took a half day and got some stuff done and still made it home early. Wanted to bring Ry to the airport to run around and meet up with her  Daddykins BUT she’s been super grumpy and feverish because of the vaccination so she was still asleep when I got home. In the end I just took her to the playground nearby, my first time. Can I just say that playgrounds are bloody disgusting. Now I grew up in a HDB and besides the cat shit in the sand … I thought playgrounds were pretty ok but ew ew ew. Some kid even threw up and there were bits all over (towards the end)! Shudder. Anyways, she had a great time and I really wished I had video taped it. She was walking around, babbling and screaming in delight till of course she meets an asshole. I swear there’s one in every playground on any given day isn’t there? One mean kid who pushes the younger kid away or blocks them, doesn’t allow them to go down the slide.

R got it a few days back when he brought her to the playground, a girl about 4, told Rylen that she wasn’t going to share and pushed her hand away a few times till R took her away muttering something about plastic surgery in the future. I got a lil boy who refused to let Rylen touch the slide. He kept saying no no no no, go away and even reached out to push her away and I was RIGHT THERE. So, I told him to stop being rude and that he wasn’t very nice and wagged my finger a little till his maid took him away. In my mind however “annoying brat and yup, you’ll be need help in the looks department one day too!” Sorry, we’re so shallow but bullies are ugly and I can’t believe they don’t care if an adult is around, my time… no one would have even tried if there was a parent nearby. There was however a sweet little boy who kept coming up to Rylen and just smiling at her, awww.

She got home all sweaty but happy, I need to hunt for cleaner playgrounds around the area.


4 thoughts on “Playground

  1. oh dear.. i guess u better dont play with V… her lack of sharing has started… 😦 symptoms of a 1st born…at least R wont go through tat for “her” time is rather short, so i guess its a gd thing after all…..

  2. so it’s something they all go through uh? Damn it. Ry’s pretty ok with the sharing cos the dogs take her toys all the time but you never know.

    But a slide, come on…. 😛

  3. I blame the parents of those kids!

    Bubbles had a boy POKE her cheek really hard once when she was younger. She screamed in shock. At least the maid who was caring for him made him apologise. She threatened to tell his Dad =P

  4. Marie,
    Neighbouring playground is a little more yucky. Try the bigger park one, they are cleaner, nicer, better equipped, and less bully, too!

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