It’s a GIRL

Yup, R’s gonna be officially outnumbered. It’s just him and Axl 😦 *heh*

I admit I was a tad bit disappointed, I really wanted a kid with a mohawk and I was looking forward to doing some shopping for boys things. Rylen’s got so many dresses, some she’s never worn and grown out of, it means I won’t get to do MORE shopping, I can hear my credit sigh in relief.

Other than the mohawk and the shopping. We’re pretty please. At the detailed scan, everything seems a-okay and she’s normal. I hate however the : –

Oh you can always try again [No, we can’t. I only want 2 kids, I know I always wanted a girl and it would have been nice to have a boy BUT we’re happy and a little scared about 2 girls but the factory is closed]

Oh *insert sad face* BUT it’s ok, as long as she’s normal [Why do people in general say these things? Like how girls are such a disappointments?]

How great, cos girls are just easier [Ok, you come spend a day with Rylen and tell me if girls are easier, cos I’m pretty sure they aren’t]

So one more time I hear about trying for number 3 I’m gonna scream, I don’t want to get pregnant again, I can’t imagine being outnumbered and we can’t afford it, I still like holidays and ohmygoodness… a child of any sex is a blessing and we’re pleased…scared, because I know that girls are scary but happy.



5 thoughts on “It’s a GIRL

  1. Oh dear.. Can feel ur disappointment, hell ya a different sex would be happening.. But I’m sure she will luke the prettiest lil thing! Hugz
    Well a box of clothes will be coming ur way soon, was waiting for u to announce coz V has nice mothercare sleepwear n her expensive clarks /pedipeds to hand me down to R.. Will pass u her infants ones too…

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