#2 Week 20 & 21

Right now Lil Deux’s kicks are just lovely. Lil thumps, rolls and waves, I had coffee this morning and I think she went a tiny bit nutters. Last night R managed to feel a little something :). It was kinda funny, we were sitting watching a few minutes of TV with Rylen and I put R’s hand on my belly and Rylen looked all annoyed and frowned and removed his hand twice and then R told her gently “no, let me touch Mommy’s belly” she got all upset not sure if it’s cos she’s jealous or just cannot stand hearing the word NO from her darling Daddy. Oh dear.

Soon when the kicks come more often and harder we need to try to explain to her what’s happening, how she’ll understand I have no idea but we’ll try. Anyways he got a proper feel while we were lying in bed that night.

Was reading some of my old post and damn it, I kicked ass *old post*, so disappointed right now, sigh. I even am spotting saddle bags, ohmigawd, I’ve never in my life had those. Have started walking upstairs and the haze had better go away soon :(. On the plus side, I only put on 1kg so far and yes, I’m quite aware it’s because of how fat I already am but that and a little more control, let’s hope I only put on the necessary 10 kg and that’s it.


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