Twenty Ten

On the 20th October R told me he didn’t want to date any other girls (I believe two SQ girls were on his roster *rolls eyes*). Then shortly after he asked me to marry him and we set the date for Twenty Ten the following year and got the cutest puppy in the whole wide world – Stomper. By our first anniversary we got another puppy who just stole our hearts – the one and only black bastard Axl. Just before we got to our second anniversary we had our darling daughter Rylen Renee and now another on the way before our third anniversary and a new home to boot. Can you imagine by our fourth anniversary we’d have 2 kids, 2 fur kids, a home and a new bigger car *hint hint*.

One thing I can never say about our relationship is that it’s boring and uneventful :). I love that he’s my pillar of strength when things get overwhelming and let me tell you it takes a lot for me to get overwhelmed and it amazes me that he’s never shut down before me. So to the love of my life and the only person who can keep up – Love You My Fuzz Wuzz!!

I know we’re like a boring married couple today but I can’t wait till Friday for our trip to the Zoo and a lil celebration after – just us.

P/S. this is a special day and if you say FOUR THIRTY today, I will kick you in the shin.

Our First Halloween 2006


One thought on “Twenty Ten

  1. Dear Wifey Boob Boob,

    I’m very busy today (when am I not). However, I want to take a moment to let the few that care, know that being married to you is like slipping on a banana peel, can’t believe it happened but there is a little pain and a lot of laughter.

    Happy 3rd Anniversary!

    Love you,


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