A Lil Update

On Friday, we went to the Underwater World instead and well… BIG mistake. I don’t think we’ll go again till Ry’s at least 4 or 5. She wasn’t in the least bit interested. I love it, I also love that I usually go in free and have dived in there as well but when you think about it for 20 over bucks it is a tiny lil place. Anyway UOB card has 15% off.

On Sat, I wasn’t feeling too great, we signed Ry up for her GUG class but didn’t attend, we start officially this coming Sat. I stayed home and slept lots. We went to the airport for dinner and Rylen was walking all over and grinning and waving at at people.

Sunday, I’m a nutter and sniffing but I made an awesome Buttermilk and Raspberry Cake, I was gonna get scones but … I thought it’s just the sniffles, not leaking or anything …. after it was done the tap went on. Sigh. Had a lovely brunch at Ames place were I used 3 hankies and still needed tissues. Then my parents came over for tea and we brought Rylen out for a bit. I should have taken that time to rest.

Monday, sick. I think the sneezing caused my body to ache and I have a bloody headache. Went to the doctors and have 2 days MC. When you’re pregnant and you can only take simple, mostly useless medicine and only thing is rest.

Tuesday (today), I thought I might go into the office but am coughing like crazy and my nose started up again… what joy. The good thing is that I get to cuddle my lil RyBear loads (don’t seem to cough in the day).

Anyways, in the last 5 days I’ve noticed that Rylen says – come, no (the correct way), AhKa (sister) to refer to Deza, Jesus (thanks to my Mom), the usual Dada or Papa and goes ‘This’ when she points. She can do Paddy Cake and point to herself when we say ‘put it in the oven for RYLEN and ….” very cute. She can blow, someone gave her a flute thing and she’s figured out how to blow and make lotsa noise. She’s a lil better at sitting and letting me read to her but still a work in progress :). She slept right through 3 days in a row… oh please keep it up.


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