If A Pregnant Lady Falls….

… But Doesn’t Make a Sound and NOBODY Sees… Did She Really Fall?


On Friday evening, we got dressed up and I mean dressed up, like tights, sexy top, I looked liked I was going clubbing till I turned around ­čÖé and complete with 4 inch heels because I CAN BALANCE and it still fits (for now).

We headed for Au Petit Salut (MH’s suggestion, thanks) for our┬áAnniversary┬ádinner. Sat inside because of the haze. I had the snails, awesome tenderloin and melted chocolate cake. No I didn’t take photos because I wanted to pretend to be classy. So I get up and go to the loo and in the dim light don’t see the step and trip a little but it’s ok, cos I was holding the door. In the loo the floor is wet *fail* and my heels are wet, got out and did a semi split on the wood floor, landed hard on my knee and quickly got up and no one saw. Everyone’s too into their food and conversation and if a wait staff saw they didn’t bother to help and that’s pretty much my story. I fell, no one helped me, at least no one saw (I think) and I’m good BUT I know that the husband won’t let me leave the house in heels again BLAH.

When I got back to the table I noticed this dude and I just have to make fun of ! He look like the teenage son from family guy

the Asian version! And he took off his white loafers in a nice┬árestaurant… ok, it’s wrong any where but especially wrong in a nice place where people EAT. Urgh.

Like the old couple we were, we head home straight after to the baby ­čÖé


3 thoughts on “If A Pregnant Lady Falls….

  1. 4 inch heels? Woah… which shoes were these?

    I would say it wasn’t only the heels that caused you to slip and fall but it definitely contributed so should take care on non-carpeted surfaces (like the bamboo floor of the linkbridge).

    So au petit salut was good?

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