Teething = Grumpy Baby

Since R needs to focus on work a lot more these days than he did before (so he tells me) and I’m all pregnant, Deza has been tasked to help get Rylen back to bed if and when she wakes up at night. Don’t feel bad for Deza, she gets help and she can take a nap in the afternoon when Ry is napping too, something neither R nor I can do. BUT, usually when Ry wakes up crying my mommy gene kicks in and I bolt outta bed and rush for the door anyways and it shocks and wakes R up and we kinda just lie, go pee, toss and turn for an hour or more. So last night I made an effort to not MOVE.

And yes, she’s waking up again…3 times a night for the past two days. From once a night to not waking up at all to THREE times…zzzz. She’s super grumpus during the day too and we all think there are teeth trying to come out. I don’t get it – do they try to come out, take a break and then try again? Plus she wants to bite everything she can but she’s never been much of a drooler so I’m just never sure. According to the charts the next up are the 1st molars, ohmygawd.

We’ve been giving Rylen Hyland’s Teething Tablets, it was highly recommended and really seemed to help her and I was just going to order one more bottle till Corsage posted this on her site last night and I just gave Rylen 2 tablets last night :(. I know these things happen, all natural never means all good and I refuse to beat myself up about it because I looked at many sites before giving them to Rylen all had positive feedback and nothing about how it could be harmful. I’m just thankful that I controlled how much was given and how often and have told Deza to throw the rest away.


One thought on “Teething = Grumpy Baby

  1. Teething is a real PAIN in more ways than one. Hope this phase passes soon for Rylen! I’m bracing myself for Bubbles’ turn too. I’ve heard molars are NO FUN.

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