Do You Believe in Santa?

I got this question yesterday, what am I gonna tell Rylen?

Now the good Catholic in me is all like NOOOO, not Santa! Christmas is about going to church, Jesus being born and being giving. The REAL me is like – I love that jolly old fat dude, it got two presents from the parents instead of 1 every year till they found out I KNEW Santa was fake…  I was 12, I found out when I was 10. I mean, my parents rocked, they went all the way; letter to Santa, milk and cookies, how he could drink something so he could get through the iron bars. I remember trying to stay awake for the longest time to catch a glimpse of Santa…. and failed every single year. 😛

I’m leaning towards letting her believe in Santa. I mean how else am I gonna justify her sitting on some stranger’s lap just so I can get a Christmas picture? But I doubt it’ll last long, most parents these days don’t bother so sooner or later she’s gonna talk to her cousins about how Santa got her this and that and they’re gonna look at her like she’s gone nuts.

What do you think?


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