Dress Up

Super tired, worried about work and how the crap is gonna hit the fan today. Last minute (less than a week before and throw in a long weekend = last minute) change to my event. Total change in location (not even a better location), cancel a tea reception and uninviting lotsa important people… sigh. Today is not gonna be a good day. Oh well, a few days notice is better than on event day for sure.

So I just wanna gush about ASOS. I finally got a few things from them – 2 dresses, I wasn’t sure about the sizes because UK 12 is sometimes a US 8 or 10 but happy happy joy joy I can still fit my twins in a US 8! Can I get a woot woot! Plus because I shopped on clearance items because I’m al cheapo, both dresses including shipping will cost me, I believe less than 50 bucks!

Image 1 of ASOS MATERNITY Exclusive Cap Sleeve Cross Front Dress

and this



2 thoughts on “Dress Up

  1. Gotta wear them for work when we have events, no choice but once in the last month I’m sure I won’t be able to fit into them till after I pop.

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