#2 Week 24

Like, OHMYGAWD, 6 months along. Like wahhhhttt!!!??? ahahaha

I look like I have an extra large basketball under my dress and no, I still don’t like being told how big I’ve gotten 😦 Got a lot of that last night, grrrr, I have ears people!!

Daniel managed to catch this photo of me at the Istana (no less) while waiting for our VIPs to attend the cocktail reception.
Overused finger
Cos I’m classy like that….

Anyways, about overused fingers – my right middle finger has been giving me issues, I feel like I’ve developed arthritis or something, it aches a little and gets swollen some nights. Oh well better than with Ry, where my right wrist hurt so bad I had to see a doctor and use a sling for a week.

We’ve been busy at home and at work, I got a major leg cramp last night (might also be due to vanity and awesome green heels) but I haven’t experience the ones where I smack R really hard, shock him like crazy and go leg leg leg leg leg leg leg leg… right right right… arghhhh the other right, come on!! zzzzz. 🙂

Anyways, so far so good, Lil Deux seems to have a thing for Special K and there was a night were she kept kicking and kicking and I just couldn’t get to sleep. Played a few games on the computer, didn’t help so I finally gave up and went to get the cereal at midnight and read a book, finally at around 1am, she settled down and we could all sleep.


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