PLEASE HELP… He Who Needs A Name

Angie found a dog, who’s owner just chucked him out cos he’s no longer ‘perfect’. He needs a few operations – to remove his left eye, a cyst on a back and has to get neutered. He needs surgery ASAP, so please if you could spare a few bucks email –, she’ll send you her account number and update the contribution online so we know how much more we need to pay for the surgery.

Angie’s still in two minds about keeping the lil fella but I’m keeping my fingers cross that once all the operations are done and paid for, the financial burden won’t be much of a hindrance. I just feel it in my gut that this lil fella is what she and her son Chris need 🙂

UPDATE 15 Nov: Thank you to all my friends who donated to Happy’s (shudder at the name…sorry Angie, he looks more like a Mr Grumpus to me :)) But yes, we pray for a happy ending, he’s still recovering and has trust issues, can’t really blame the little dude. Angie does NOT need donations right now and hopefully if all goes well we can donate the excess to another dog/ dogs who need it. Once again THANK YOU!!


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