Lil Update

Been busy this week and I guess it’s different because when you’re expecting your first, you have a lot of time to rest, I think I forgot that. So between crazy and annoying last minute changes at work and coming home to play and spend time with Rylen and then walking the dogs, I think my body issued a warning.

Last night, I was going to walk the dogs and had to pee and saw a flash of bright red, not something you want to see while pregnant. Sigh, a few seconds of panic and reading What To Expect, I decided to have a slow walk with the dogs. Came up and checked again, just a lil blood. So I took the day off, called the nurse at the gyne’s office and she said to just rest over the weekend and if I experience pain or more bright red bleeding to come in. Only my back has been killing me, this AM there was a slight cramp and some brown spotting so I think it’ll be ok as long as I don’t see red again.

The only thing is, R fell from a ladder last weekend and his knee has been giving him issues so I’m not sure if he can deal with the whole GUG class…. maybe I’ll get my Mom to come. I feel so useless :(.

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