#2 Week 25

It’s Thursday and I’m home on childcare leave to spend some time with Rylen. As I sit in my living room, the ceiling fan at number 1, the sounds of the swamp nearby, Stomper in the kitchen getting some morning sun, Axl sleeping next to me, Rylen having her AM nap, Lil Deux is kicking and letting me all is good, CNA in the background, it’s so lovely,  I really don’t want to move.

But we’re attending the SSO Baby’s Prom, should be exciting but I’m still suffering from a cold so thank goodness the Grandma is coming along. Hope to do a lil shopping but not too much, wanted to go swim at Wen’s but I think I’ll have to pass 😦 but I’m looking forward to a totally chill day (cept during the concert).

Just about the pregnancy, having a cold about once a week isn’t fun, especially when you sneeze real hard you pee in your pants, yes it happens it seem a lot when you’re having number two. I also worry that I’m shocking Lil Deux when I go into a sneezing frenzy and am always happy when I feel her kicking, like phew!

I’m craving Durians, was gonna try and wait till my Auntie Lot from Sydney arrived but her plans keep changing cos of the 380 issues so she might only come in December… I’m gonna wait till next weeks check up and see how long I can deal with the cravings :).

Time to get off my arse and get ready!


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