Falls Over

I didn’t get a nap in all weekend 😦 I also wake up before 8am… that’s not what weekends are suppose to be like.

With Ry’s school on Sat and trying to get the house done before the festive season, it’s been madness and R’s gone a bit nutters, I see him arranging and rearranging and again and again the sofa on top of the rug. Then Rylen walks on it pointing a finger up in the air and barks out orders only she understands, bloody hilarious. R was touching up a bench we got and hammering some floor protectors (no idea why we bother cos the dogs have scratched our beautiful wood floors till I wish I’d just done laminate 😦 ) and Rylen’s just trying to get her hands on his hammer and of course that’s not gonna happen, so she just uses her hand to follow her Daddy 🙂

On Sunday, we spent 4 blooming hours at Ikea trying to sort out Ry’s and Lil Deux’s room. Toy and book storage, Ry’s bed etc etc. We saw a this hammer set but they were out of stock 😦 My lil copy cat would have had so much fun. I reached saturation point, me, reach saturation point at Ikea, can you imagine!? Gone are the days of 8 hour long shopping trips at Orchard :(… online shopping is to blame, sigh.

More stuff coming in on Thursday, the house blessing is on Friday, I need to get more deco for our first tree, LIGHTS…OHMIGAWD LIGHTS and a turkey… yes, our version of Thanksgiving a day late. This also means the house will look a lil more decent for friends to come over soon 🙂 but I have to admit, I’ll kinda miss the open space, oh well, Ry will just have to learn to avoid more things or she’ll be enjoying herself with more things to climb on *sigh* and give all of us little heart attacks. Lovely.



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