#2 Week 26

I know I haven’t been taking many photos of myself cos well… been busy but I must take some soon. Sigh.

I posted things I’d like to do *here* and I still haven’t done everything and it’s nearly December!! Argh šŸ˜¦

So here’s the updated to do list that I have to do by the end of the year, I love list šŸ™‚

1. Highlight hair…cos I’m vain like that

2. Another Pedi (and Mani), I even got myself aĀ voucher for a Spa Mani & Pedi and haven’t gotten around to using it yet

3. I’m thinking the tan is a waste on me at this point, because I don’t in general tan or retain a tan easily and I know it’s bad for your skin but I did love being brown šŸ˜¦ Like the picture below… I miss colour

But yes, I would like a day to just sit by the pool, read a trashy magazine (I did not know that Jake and Renee split WTF!!), swim a few laps, drink something cold and not worry if Rylen’s hungry, drowning, cold or bored. Me time in the sun… but I know I’d feel a bit bad at the end of the day, bloody hell

4. Watch SATC2, catch up on Harry Potter!! I think we missed the last two movies

5. By Friday – make a Thanksgiving dinner – with Turkey (I haven’t bought yet), mash, etc etc. Put up the tree, buy the lights and more decoration and the oh so hard to find pretty tree topper, hang my photos on the wall, go visit the gyne, get some holy stuff for the altar and front door. OMG!

6. Make sugee cakes, help my mom with tarts (yum & drool), get Ry’s Christmas dress, plan a few Christmas/ Housewarming parties… again… OMG but fun

7. Take a day to something just me and R, ok this might happen in January, I would really like 2 stay-cations – one with Rylen and one with Ā just us cos lets face it, it took me a year to loosen theĀ reignsĀ with Rylen, it’s gonna be another year with Lil Deux, so a night just us is something I feel we have to do

8. Go to the ZOO! I have a feeling this is gonna be a waste of time but like the Baby SSO Prom thing… Rylen might notĀ appreciateĀ it as much as a four year old might but there were moments where classical music did hold her attention. I mean one day I’m gonna ask her who her favorite artist is and she’s gonna give me a heart attacking – Justin Bieber and I’m gonna stare at her in distaste and I might even vomit a little in my mouth and then she’s gonna pat me on my back and say ‘It’s ok Mom, I promise it’s just a phase, he’s cute lah. My first loves will always be the oldies like – Mozart, Linkin Park, Tool, JayZ, Metallica and U2, no worries’ and I’ll heave a sigh of relief and make fun of the (m)aggot-ness which is Justine… I mean Justin Dweeber

But I digress… the Zoo, I think the only animals which might catch her attention are the big cats – she loves lions and tigers, might be because of Roaring Rory and Stripey Sam books šŸ˜› Rylen even roars

9. Bring the dogs to the dog run or the beach, just them, our full attention on them, because they deserve it!

10. Have some girlie time with my friends

What about Lil Deux? All this needs to get done before she makes her demanding appearance into lives. It’s about living a little so I canĀ appreciateĀ what I have and not feel like I’ve missed out on stuff.

Anyways, on Saturday morning I had this pain under my belly button, it hurt so bad, R checked the books and it doesn’t feel like Braxton Hicks… not that I know what that even feels like because I didn’t experience it with Rylen. I couldn’t sleep on either side and finally I had to prop myself up on 4 pillows till the painĀ dissipatedĀ and I fell asleep unknowingly and turned to my right. No bleeding or any other pain after that. You’d think that would slow me down wouldn’t you … but I just can’t… after Christmas ok?

Now I have to actually work while listening to Christmas music šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “#2 Week 26

  1. If the zoo is too much trouble try the the breakfast show at the bird park! Won’t take the whole day though – more like a quickie morning outing.

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