Breast Feeding

You have NO IDEA how many times I’m started to write about this topic and then change my mind. I’ve decided to just put it out there.

1. It’s not easy.

Motherhood isn’t easy, losing weight after gaining 18 kg isn’t easy, your kid sitting for his or her PSLE isn’t gonna be easy for either of you. So I can say for a FACT that beast feeding might just be the easiest thing you can do as part of being a Mother… I get really get disappoint when people don’t TRY, how many mothers out there doing it so it’s not impossible, you need to believe in your body and stop trying to be number 1, you aren’t anymore, you’re a mother, you won’t be number 1 again till your kids leave the house and start buying you Coach bags for mother’s day.

2. Dumb Ass Remarks.

I’ve heard things like… I’m not a cow and I’m not gonna breastfeed. Erm, cows have sex too you know that’s how both of you got pregnant. I’m just saying….

If I breast feed, my boobs will sag. Sigh…. once you get your self pregnant your boobs are gonna get bigger and they will sag a tiny bit, it’s called GRAVITY. If you don’t breast feed they just sag earlier. If you don’t wear a bra, they sag more. If you don’t bother to put any creams, they might get stretchmarks. If you stop breast feeding all of the sudden instead of letting nature take it’s course, they might sag and look loopy. For me a combination of – a sleep bra, good support bras and some breast firming cream when the supply started to dip – helped, A LOT. I’m a C cup and have had a hard fight with gravity, I think I’m going a pretty good job at my age so… not an intelligent excuse.

3. Judging. Seems like that’s what I’m doing right? So I’ve listed of the annoying things I’ve heard from pro breastfeeders or cows…

a. My milk is like liquid gold. When I heard this for the first time, I was in my second week of breast feeding and it wasn’t going too well and this woman was pumping and producing so much she bought a deep freezer! WTF! First of all… really liquid gold? More like freaking diamond juice if you ask me, it’s like mining for blood diamonds. If a dropped spilled I used to go ballistic! I kid you not. I had barely enough, 1ml was huge deal! HUGE! R would carry my 40ml of milk to the fridge and carefully screw on the cap, bag it and tag it like it was evidence in a homicide. The first time I got 100ml I did a little dance, woke R up at 5am to show him even. I also stop reading the forums where mothers would gush about how much milk they were producing and others were giving up – it helped to have my Mom tell me that there was always enough, nature has a way.

b. Which brings me to the next point – size in this case, really doesn’t matter. Tiny girls with training size bra boobs produced milk like nothing else… I mean how many of them had deep freezers!!

c. Just a brief note – no need to go crazy on storage, if you do your reading you’ll know what it doesn’t matter that you keep your boob juice in the deep freezer for 6 months it won’t be the best milk for baby. Sour grapes 😛 but it’s the truth.

d. Beast Feeding for AGES. I admit, I hated pumping, it’s the most boring, time consuming, physically unrewarding task and when you’re working and you have meetings and deadlines… goodness. So yes, I was soooooooo happy to be freed of pumping. And oh, I felt one with cows at that point too.

I also think that breast feeding till the point where your kid can ask for milk in a proper sentence is well… disturbing.

That being said, I followed the guideline – 6 months was the best minimum and managed for a little longer. I hope to get to about 8 months with Lil Deux but for me, personally, 1 year would be my limit. It’s a personally choice I think after 6 months and once they start on proper solids, it’s a comfort thing really. BUT, if you enjoy it, good for you but don’t look at me like I failed, trust me, I put up a damn good fight, I’ve done my part and I’m not gonna be bullied to feel bad, and neither should you.


4. Comments – if your MIL gives you grief, let your husband handle her. When I told R, one more time my MIL asked if I had enough milk, I was gonna charge him a dollar… I didn’t collect a cent, darn it. But yes, don’t let them stress you out. If your husband gives you grief, send him over and I’ll kick his ass.

5. Breast Feeding in Public. Most might not know this but I’m actually shy. What? Really? No Way!  But I am. If you had told my 16 year old self how many people would have had a look at my privates at this point she would have gone as red as a tomato and maybe even cried. I don’t like people looking at me, especially ugly people ahahahahahahaha but breast feeding is a natural thing and no, I’m not one of those people who’d whip it out, I try to be discreet as possible but it’s a matter of fact thing. Baby is hungry, baby needs to eat, I might be hungry too and I can eat and breast feed and yes I’ll cover up as best as I can and you won’t see anything if you don’t try. I know friends husbands who get a bloody shock… so be warned… Marie’s gonna be at it again.  I hate having to leave the conversation just because I need to feed my baby, come on, get over yourself. Of course if there is a breast feeding room I’d rather use that when shopping but I don’t limit myself. There is one thing… I have never tried breast feeding and walking, that’s just amazing!! Getting things done on the move :).

6. Formula. If you want to mix the two, I don’t see any issues…why does it HAVE to be either or? That being said when Ry was 3 months old she got gastric flu, the fact that I was 100% breast feeding helped her get well much faster. She got it again when she was older and to find the right formula to help her, was tedious. BUT, it would have been very stressful if I had to rely on 100% breast milk for the first month because the doctor said I wasn’t producing enough (the nurse took her weight wrong) I felt like such a failure but with the aid of some formula I could continue to breastfeed, so formula isn’t evil, it’s pretty helpful if you ask me.

7. You’re still reading? Well, I’m out of things to say… cept for this. When Rylen was 3 months old and I was finally producing enough milk that it was easy enough for me to really enjoy the process. I was nursing her at some shopping centre nursing room and she looked at me, smiled and touched my face – it was at that point the most rewarding moment I had ever  in my life. It was better than sky diving, better than learning to do a jump while wake boarding, better  than seeing Linkin Park Live. It’s one of those things a mother keeps and remembers when her child becomes an asshole and all children become assholes at some point and it’s memories like this that help remind you how precious they once were and how much they loved you and needed you and why you still provide room and board.


4 thoughts on “Breast Feeding

  1. I read from the beginning to the end! I like most of the things that you have said. I like your attitute 🙂

    Breastfeeding hasn’t been an easy journey for me. But like you said, one should definitely give it a try. While I failed the first time, I have done it for 7 months the second time.

    Good luck to you for being a cow the second time 🙂

  2. Mooo ahahaha. I heard it doesn’t always feel better the second time round even but I won’t be depressed if I start of slow.

  3. I read it all too 

    hey great article and a fantastic thoughts in it… It’s going to lots easier this round Im sure !

  4. i read it from start to finish too… makes alot of sense and i like it 😉

    i do not see the point in hoarding 6 months worth of boob milk either- pfft.

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