15 Months

Dearest Baby Girl,

I need to take a deep breath before I start on this update. You turned 15 months over the weekend and whoa have things changed. You’ve become a monster and I mean this is the nicest way possible but these days I admit the saying “It takes a village to raise a child” is 100% correct. If not, parents would have long gone insane and at the very least, stopped at 1 child. You have become a handful of screaming, whining, grumpy, demanding, spoilt, stubborn cuteness.


I can’t help but LOVE this photo

Don’t worry we love you anyway, just that with number 2 on the way and when you don’t want to walk, sit in the stroller or let someone else carry you… it’s making Mummy’s left arm hurt so bad it’s not even funny.

You started taking your naps on your spanking new bed and as you can tell in the picture below you’re kinda loving it. Only once have you woken up crying and started banging at the door to come out, oops. Worry not, the monitor is always on when you nap these days.

Rocking my new bed

You’re rocking the playground, loving the slides, grabbing the bigger boys basket ball while they stand there clueless because how do you snatch back your ball from such a doll…. little do they know.

heart slides

You look so grown up in these two pictures, it makes me a little sad 😦
Growing Up

You missed class this Saturday, you still had nasal issues and I know it was driving all of us bonkers, the doctor said you were fine, just need to change your medication, no sleeping in aircon for the next few days and you’ll be a-ok. The photos above at the playground were taken in the afternoon when you spent time with your Grand Aunt & Grandparents! Amazing what a little medicine and rest can do.

We carried on with your plans to check out the Early Breakfast Show at Jurong Bird Park (thanks Corsage), the birds held your attention for… oh… 2.5 seconds till you realised you couldn’t touch them and then you were like WHATEVER. So we skipped the Bird Park, we’ll try again when you get to 3, I think. Daddy enjoyed the show the most 🙂 . Anyway, we’re both looking forward to the Zoo.

Decided to head for GWC, being a Sunday, we didn’t want to go to Orchard. You slept for an hour in your stroller, you haven’t done that in ages! When you got up we had lunch where OHMYGAWD you threw things, whined, demanded food, refused food, grabbed things… I sat and wondered who this little person was next to me, I haven’t be raising this monster – no way. But I hear it’s just a phase, please please please God, let that be true.

I look like Daddy

You just love when Mummy’s behind the camera don’t you? I give you a little kiss then quickly step back to get a shot of you smile 🙂

When you were born, I was super duper anal, during the first month, there was hand soap and dettol hand sanitizers all over the house, the dogs could sniff but not lick you. Till you were 6 months, I was anal, the dogs still couldn’t lick you, everyone had to have clean hands and no way was any food that dropped on the floor going into your mouth. Till you were just shy of a year old, I was just slightly anal, your bottles always went into the steamer, the dogs only licked you when we were looking (you were wiped right after) and if your biscuit dropped on the floor there was a 2 second rule or the dogs could get to it. Now, well… the dogs lick you and you laugh, the Pigeon steamer which was passed to us died so your bottles are just washed and erm… I even let you lick things, oops.

Christmas is tasty

Christmas is Tasty

Yes, I’ve become one of those parents. Seriously, there are so many times in a day, in so many ways that I can say NO. So unless it’s putting you in danger ie.plugs, knives, lights, heat, fire, slipping, falling and you can break something… I say no once, maybe pull you away and then I really just lose interest. Plus that photo is so darn cute!

So Rylen, even though for some strange reason you’ve become a huge pain in the backside, you’re also generous with the hugs and kisses which makes loving you that much easier.




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