Getting Rylen off the bottle is harder than I thought, so I’m gonna cave and get her a new Tommee Tippee bottle because hers are looking kinda gross and old. She never drinks water from a teat, not since she was 9 months and now sometimes she prefers the cup and whoa she makes a mess. So I might just wait for her to get better at drinking from the cup and get her to drink her milk from it instead.

Even my Aunt from Sydney is asking why she’s still drinking her milk from a bottle, argh. Anyways, my new cut off date is by the time she’s 2 years, I don’t think I could stand it any longer*.  If anyone has any tips how they got their toddler to start drinking milk from a cup or straw, please share. Thanks.

*this is my personal option


3 thoughts on “Weaning

  1. She only drinks milk from her bottle. Water is from her straw bottles or a cup. She hated the sippy cup so we pretty much skipped that and she went to straw at 5 months for water. I want her off the bottle totally. In the WTE books they recommend getting toddlers off the milk bottle from a year onwards. My Mom got us off the bottle when we were a year old too and my youngest brother never had the bottle.

    So I know it’s not really a normal thing locally but it’s kinda a pain in my backside that she refuses milk from a straw and still requires the bottle.

  2. Hi Marie
    I guess in this case you just have to persevere – much like sleep training? stop giving her milk unless from the straw bottle?
    I actually haven’t given much thought as to when I will wean mine off the bottle 🙂

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