#2 Week 28

I’m officially in my third trimester aren’t I? Besides sometimes feeling like a whale or as R mentions at least once a day – a panda, I’m feeling pretty okay. The feet shockingly haven’t swelled up at all but I did get a bit of a calf cramp last night, still not the hitting the husband kind, my fingers sometimes swell a little at night and I guess in general I just feel heavy.

Lil Deux was rocking and a rolling in her tiny apartment yesterday, a few hard kicks during lunch and moving left and right so hard it gave me a shock. I need to pee a lot more. I was kinda hungry last night after dinner and was considering having some biscuits and milo till I took my weight and decided to just go to bed :(. I had a dream that I gave birth and at 3 months lost all the baby weight I gained from my two girls and I was soooooo happy…. then I woke up. Argh.

Anyway, I tried talking to Rylen about her sister and how she’s in my belly right now. Rylen just kept poking my belly button and lifting my tee up and down, sigh. She did however kiss my belly when I asked her if she wanted to kiss her 妹 妹 goodnight :).



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