Christmas Shopping

I managed to cut and colour my hair yesterday, get home, swallow some not-so-nice Chicken Rice, shower, kiss the dogs, grab Rylen, grab a ride with R (whew) nearly to town, take the train and meet my Mom and Aunt in one piece. While Ry slept I manage to get some shopping done but I’m FAR from finished.

Anyways, I’m here to gush about my good girl, I was so proud of her, could also be that she had 3 grown women entertaining her. I’m grateful she managed an hour nap, didn’t demand to be carried much, she was either in her pram or walking. She even enjoyed the little playground at Paragon.

R came and met us for dinner Tonkichi. Love it and Rylen loves the Chawanmushi, the only blimp was when her pampers CRUISERS baby leaked (2 hours after I changed her, won’t be buying those again) and I had to leave half way to change and clean her up. Then my Mom let her try some orange and she makes a face each and every time but comes back for more, laughing cos we’re laughing too. So cute. We drove and saw some of the lights, much nicer than last year’s and she was happy in the car and it was wayyyy past her bedtime, so I was thrilled. I guess she’s growing up and it’s lovely.


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