Sick of Being Sick

I took my last child care leave yesterday to bring Rylen to her makeup class at GUG and having to deal with her for the full class was a strain and then her peeing on me (I did mention I hated Pampers Cruisers) during break time was not fun at all. She’s got extra clothes, I don’t, blah. So we didn’t get to do addition shopping at all and even if I wanted to it’d be a big fat no, cos the husband is SICK. And because he’s a man and hence, never listens when his wife tells him 1. please go to a regular doctor not the polyclinic 2. please buy vitamin C and take 1000mg (esp if you’re getting shitty meds from the polyclinic) and 3. sleep. So instead of being sick like regular person for 2/3 days… he’s still sick… because he’s a man who refuses to listen to someone also called his wife, who has his best interest at heart and knows all about being sick and getting better… because he’s a MAN. Pffft. Now he has to waste time at a regular doctor, get the vitamin C and his wife is freaking tired.

Anyways, I’ve been having a cough like pretty much throughout this pregnancy and it sucks and I worry that even though all the doctors say my medication is safe it’ll be oops, we didn’t know and Lil Deux will be a serial killer because her mother was puffing on the inhaler instead of regular stupid like those women who still smoke while pregnant. Sigh.

And Rylen, my poor little sick-ish child. She’s still got that phlegmy cough and it’s been weeks since she first caught her cold. I started to blame myself, because I’m a mom and that’s what moms do.. then I realised the poor kid is teething and her defense is lower than norm. I can feel two razor shape molars upstairs still only peeking out and and 2 more noobs downstairs, four teeth at once, can no one in my family do things the easy way? Who knew it’d take so long!

Last night, I slept late watching 24 season 7 = awesome and I heard her wake up at midnight and when I woke up cos it was so hot, I heard her fuss at 2am, so I decided to help her get to sleep in her bed. It was an hour of her patting me on the head, singing to me, kissing my hair, giggling, hugging and shoving her stuffed toys in my face and cuddling… all very sweet if it wasn’t 3am already. So I put her back in her cot, pretend to sleep and finally managed to get back into my own bed at 3.30am. I have panda eyes today.

May I add a note about hitting. I get it that it seems to be the norm at this age but it’s bloody annoying. I managed to teach Rylen not to hit and now so many boys (mainly) keep hitting her. And she looks at me like WTF Mom, you said we don’t hit. Argh. She’s still too young for me to teach her… we don’t throw the first push, shove, smack or punch but hey, if they started it please give it your best shot. I keep repeating in my head, to chill and I will not raise a bully. I know in general Rylen’s tough so that smack or shove doesn’t really hurt her but there’s gonna be a day when it will and it’s gonna suck being me. So here’s a tip, telling your kid to stop hitting and then hitting him for hitting right after defeats the bloody purpose, it’s like a non lesson, pointless and really dumb plus it makes me wanna smack you!

Now, I’m trying to teach Rylen how to share… wish me luck.


5 thoughts on “Sick of Being Sick

  1. Bubbles comes up to us and says ‘share! share! share!’ before grabbing whatever it is from us that got her attention =P

    Hope the bug clears for all of you soon! Christmas next week!

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