Oh and zzzzz

It’s been a long busy couple of days but I love days like these.

Shopping at Orchard was pretty fruitful, I even managed to get something for myself from Mango (sale now on)! Too much time wasted at Taka trying to get Steph’s house warming/ Christmas gift, I wanted to punch the Silit salesman – I asked a simple question and he insisted on giving me his spheel and even gave me ‘the hand’ when I tried to interrupt, I mean REALLY the info on the set of pots is right there I wanna know how much a SINGLE pot cost. Not a difficult question!!

Then the salesboy at Le Creuset, now I admit, it’s beautiful cooking ware, bloody expensive but oh so pretty, they had the limited edition pale pink and pretty purple and I know Steph would have loved loved them, but with our budget – she’s be cooking a pigeon in that pot, so it was pretty much about the colour and only in Singapore would they offer you the display set with no additional discount, cos yes I really want to pay the full price after 150 people have manhandled the goods. After deciding on  the maximum size I could afford, he tells me “oops, no have”, I increase the size and my budget a bit – still no pink or purple and then tells me the best buy is the totally blah beige set. Save it dude and thanks for wasting 30 mins of my shopping time and my life, that I’ll never get back.

And dear sales people… it’s called PERSONAL SPACE. I do not want you within 20cm of my person, not you, not your hand, not your nose and with this big belly lets increase it to 50 cm, shall we? Grrr.

Oh and ohmygawd… through out the shopping my phone was beeping with updates about Wendy.

Wen @ 10.30am – induced, going shopping, Taka

Marie @ 10.35m – eat early, my contractions started at 12ish.

Wen @ 12.45pm – ow ow ow and my way to the clinic

Marie @ 12.50pm – on my way to taka, sms me what’s happening

made calls to Noel etc

Noel @ 3.30pm – 4cm, on the way to the hospital

Marie @ 3.32pm – OHMYGAWD (then I sms all the girls)

Noel @ 5.10pm – 8cm, waterbag just burst (isn’t Noel lovely to keep us all informed)

Noel @ 6pm – Baby Dana is born

Marie – in my head…WTF!! Bloody Hell! So Fast? Damn you Wendy!! 🙂

Marie @ 6.10pm – Congrats Noel. Tell Wendy, we’re ALL jealous

So welcome to the big bad wonderful world Baby Dana!

Silly me, too busy kissing and carrying Baby D, I don’t have a single photo. Rolls eyes.

… next post will be about Ry’s first trip to the Zoo.



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