GUG Review

So we’ve signed up for another term. However, I’m not sure if we’ll be go beyond that. Frankly after a term, most parents haven’t smiled or looked me in the eye. No talking in the corridor, nothing. I think we’ve only’ kinda’ connected with this one other set of parents, it’s a bit sad really. I mean the teachers are pretty cool, the chinese teacher is cute as a button and teacher Ash is great and loving but… I think perhaps once she starts daycare maybe we’ll switch to Gymboree or something like that? I’ll save swimming till she’s around 2 years old, I read that ear infections are common with younger kids… bit of a downer because we really wanted her to start at 18 months.

Any suggestions for a good weekend programme?

Also, I was a turned off after the GUG Christmas party. Way too much junk food, no effort. I baked a bloody cake that was low sugar and it was a waste of time, no one cared, everyone else just brought rubbish I wouldn’t in general let my 15 month old eat or drink. A great example was Pocky… really? Rolls eyes. Sweet yogurt drinks which clearly state for 3 year old children onward; I had a sip and I think got a sugar rush. Tsk


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