Zoo 2010

I have no doubt that the Zoo will be at least a yearly affair, Rylen seemed to mostly enjoy it and of course the highlight was the water play area. The only downer was the Kids Animal Show – lame, too much dancing and crappy music, not enough fun with the actual animals… wish I had got to see the Elephant Show or something else instead.

The Zoo was pretty tough on me and I hate that by 2pm I was ready to call it quits because I was just too tired 😦 it used to be that I’d want to get a shot and see every single animal. We didn’t even get to see the snakes, how sad. Plus my camera skills are so horrible, I kept taking really crappy blur pictures with my dslr *hangs head in shame*. I need to practice more… bit hard when Ry keeps wrapping herself around my knees and soon with Lil Deux, ah well.

Anyways, photos are up, click here.


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