Christmas 2010

It’s been a bittersweet year, I guess most years are like that aren’t they?

First of all Mr Happy DeGrumpus came into our lives… well Angie’s life and I really think she and Chris needed him but he was more Grumpus than Happy and I know she’s tried her best to try get him a new home and she’s done a lot more than the average person would but things just didn’t work out. I wish I could do more but it’s not an ideal situation with 2 dogs, a young child and a baby on the way. Sometimes, you can only do so much and things are just beyond your control, the most import thing is that Angie tried, Happy tried, we all prayed and I hope he’s okay at Madam Wong’s. I wish Christmas was better for him.

This December I also realised that I really am not the centre of attention 😦 I know, it’s taken me this long, I had a good run I guess. It will really be all about the girls for the next I dunno, 10 years ? I guess I’m fine with that after all.  But I will try and have  my Christmas List up earlier… which reminds me… my birthday is in a lil more than 3 months…. hmmm.

I also realised that I’m not Super Woman… but you know what I’m gonna keep trying but helping my Mom make tarts from 10am to 5pm was seriously draining. Then doing my own sugee cakes to give away as gifts … they make awesome presents okay, especially when you realise how much work actually goes into making good sugee cake. Then helping my Mom make a whole turkey on Christmas Day by myself, looking after Rylen and making sure we had a good lunch was draining, R helped thank god but Deza was on leave … it was Christmas so oh goodness. Then trying to play hostess at my Mom’s, I had a mini breakdown which I’ll chalk up to 30 week stress induced hormones. I know… what was I thinking!!! Did I mention that I can’t remember things that well either, so unless I’m looking and focusing on you and have repeated, written down or keyed it into my phone, I’m sorry but I have no idea what you just said, asked me to do etc even if you think I was listening, chances are… nope.

Counting my blessings, yes, I  know in general I’m blessed. I have a lovely, rugged, healthy, cheeky child and another on the way and it hasn’t been an easy pregnancy but I can’t say it’s been difficult either. I could have done without the cough and asthma and I’m entering the ‘ohdeargoodness, hurry up already, my back hurts’ stage and it’s not fun.

I can’t accessorize for oh another 2 years? I wore one of my favourite necklaces on Christmas Eve, since I was in a all black dress, I loved my rust coloured beaded necklace… apparently Rylen didn’t because it got in the way when she wanted to snuggle on our way to dinner. She gave it a yank and beads were and are all over the backseat of the car, in my dress, in my bra etc. Firstly, I worried she was gonna put some in her mouth, then I was disappointed and lastly I realised why I don’t attempt to even use earring these days.

Gifts for Rylen, she still hasn’t opened all her stuff yet. But to all who have given her something, I know for a fact that y’all really put in effort to get her lovely things. Sorry Flo but my kid has big feet like her Daddy and she hasn’t been able to fit into 12 to 18 month old shoes since she was 13 months old but R loves them 🙂 and I’m sure Lil Deux will too. She got a ball (yes, the makings of a tomboy) and money from grandma, clothes and more clothes ;), some really noisy toys that drive me mad but she loves!! She also got a baby and it coos and says dada, she kinda likes it but I think it confuses her a bit. She also got… dang dang dang a Barney and no she won’t be play with it, sorry but nope, Barney Ban is still and will always be in effect.

We … meaning I, was think of getting her a kitchen or house, you know those huge plastic ones. Then we went to Ikea and she spent a good 20 mins playing with the kitchen, just over and over again, opening doors, pretending to wash up till we had to pull her away. I’m sure R wishes I had gotten those plastic one but I really like the wood Ikea version just that it was a chore to build. I also like that the pots and pan look so real, it’s a plus for Rylen.

Few more shots
Holding her own :P

Christmas Eve with her cousins, showing them who’s boss!

That would in real life .. hurt

Christmas morning with her new kitchen

From Uncle John & Aunt Angel

Boxing day, opening a few more presents


One thought on “Christmas 2010

  1. Yeah I kinda knew the happening shoes ain’t gonna fit her the min I placed the clarks on her.. Oh well .. Lil deux is going to be the happening chick…

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