Number 3.

I think I need to finally give up my fitflops till after I pop. Few weeks back I twisted my ankle and fell to my knees, managed to break the fall. Today, I wasn’t quite so lucky, but I did land on my knees and but I couldn’t break the fall enough and landed on my belly a bit. She’s been quiet and I was a bit worried but writing this she’s been kicking kicking, so I know she’s ok. Plus I’ll be going to see the doctor tomorrow, so I feel better. Sigh. Centre of gravity certainly has shifted :(.

Not a great way to spend the start of the week. Blah humbug, wish I was still home on holiday.


5 thoughts on “Tumbles

  1. Fitflops seem quite dangerous, esp if it’s true that you really can have a workout by just wearing them.

    How about try crocs instead? They’re non-slip and very comfortable. Can get matching crocs with Rylen too!

  2. Interesting how fitflop will cause that… Hmmm n to think I bought them on the pretex of maximising them… Hope is well babe sounds scary…

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