We started 2011 with cranky toddler who missed her friend Deza and gave us two hours of grief when we tried to get her back to sleep after the NYE party. OMG.

So this will be the final mention on Deza – she was sent home, she never said sorry, she didn’t deny. In general her behaviour wasn’t of an abuser it was frankly like a heavy handed mother and there certain things I can live with but not the pulling of her hair, the smacking her and especially not the forcing her to eat. I’m her mother and I’ve never laid a finger on her when she doesn’t want to go to bed or when she doesn’t eat. It was painful to watch Rylen smack her head or her thigh for no reason and realise that, that’s what Deza use to do :(. Do I miss Deza, yes I’m afraid I do, I miss how organised my life was, I miss how I had decent sleep, I miss thinking I had a rare gem of a helper. Blah.

Rylen has been especially sticky, she cries at the smallest thing and she had to be carried to sleep, she’s been really fussy with food too. In the last 2 days I’ve managed to get her to sleep for her AM & PM nap without getting into her bed with her, I think she understands the word sleep and what it means. The night time however, well, my back hurts too badly for me to deal with her. R has to carry her AND give her a full concert before she sleeps. Plus she keeps waking up at 2am. My Mom watched The Nanny and I know we aren’t suppose to rush in but it’s like as parents you’re programmed… you know, the kid cries and you quickly check but yes, I admit we need to soon get with the programme (again). Her sudden fussiness with food –Ā  I think she’s at that age but we’ll keep trying, the good thing is that if anything really fails she’s always keen on plain wholemeal bread so whew. The last thing is the “carry me NOW MOMMY PLLLLEEEEASSSEEEE, PLEASE, CRY, SOB, WAIL” and whining, I was fine giving in when I had an average of 1.5 hours after work with her BUT a full day is a no no, slowing getting her to stop it but Rylen is a drama queen, if I didn’t see the humour in her tragic, emo acting I’d be a total mess. This morning was a fine example, I didn’t want to carry her, she sat down and wailed, so pitiful, till spit was dripping, she was bending lower and lower, it was like watching a bad Channel 8 drama and then Axl walks by and gives her a lick, she turns, the tap goes off and she’s patting him and laughing, gets up walks up to me, gives me a hug so she can clean her snot off her face. Lovely.

We’re getting quotes on the camera system and have applied for another helper, need to get Rylen to daycare, money really makes the world go round uh?

In retrospect, 2010 was a pretty good year, I mean I have a bimbo for a boss and she rubs me the wrong way on a weekly basis, found out I had an bloody cow for a maid but I also found out we were having Lil Deux and as much as the news overwhelmed us, she’s been following in her sister’s footsteps and so far I haven’t had much to worry about, I finally have my own home. Rylen and the dogs are doing great so in the grand scheme of things we didn’t do too badly. I also know 2011 is gonna be a hard year for me so I look forward to 2012 :).


3 thoughts on “2011

  1. Wishing you a wonderful 2011 – I’m sure it will be exciting with all its challenges and joys šŸ™‚
    Sorry to hear about Deza and about the ‘phase’ Rylen is going through – well, my little missy is exactly the same – super clingy!! Apparently they can sense that another baby is on its way! Take care and hang in there

  2. Sad to hear about the Deza sitch but fingers-crossed you will find someone who will fit what you need. Rylen is still young so she will be able to forget and hopefully get along great with your new helper. Til then, hang in there! I’ll take care of your plants for ya! hehehe…

    Happy 2011, M!

  3. Maybe, she doesn’t seem to get it when I talk to her about her mei mei, oh well. A late Happy New Year to you too šŸ˜‰

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