16 Months

Dear Rylen,

A little late but so much has been going on. The whole maid/ helper fiasco has woken me and you Daddy up and I guess forced me to be a full time Mom again. I’m not sure how stay at home mothers with no helpers stay sane but it was a humbling experience.

One of the good things that came out of all this is that we’ve managed your sleeping issues. I think forced into a corner and not feeling bad that I’ve been at work all day blah blah blah helped me with this. We re-did the crying out method and no, I still can’t leave the room when you scream bloody murder, so I sit and hide behind the chair and pray my ear drums don’t pop and bleed. Day 1 was the hardest, you screamed for 40 mins!! It was the worse 40 mins of my life in a while. Day 2 – 5 mins of crying when I heard you yawn and go thump. Day 3 – You clung to me when I lowered you down, did a little whine and then I swear your expression seemed to say whatever. Day 4 – I fed you your milk, asked you if you needed to burp, kissed you good night and you pretty much got into position, no fuss, no whine! Have I mentioned how awesome you are?

You’ve also decide that a nap a day will do… ohmygawd, it didn’t realised how much we all needed your AM nap! But yes, we now do with a 10am rest/ quiet time. Where you have your milk, kinda laze and then try to get to your toys without leaving your bed for 30 mins, very cute. I say sleeping time and you pretend to sleep but we’re just kidding ourselves.

Your afternoon nap is now at around 1ish so your lunch has to move up etc, so many changes!

Anyways, other developments – you’re still not really speaking much, I guess you don’t really have to since you seem to get what you want by pointing and going ‘eah’. You say Dada, nononononono and I swear I’ve heard you say Shuddap a few times but you’ve never repeat it when asked, that word I blame that ‘woman’ cos I use the word Quiet with the dogs and if  I say Shut Up it’ll have an addition 2 words in there, one of them starts with F.

You haven’t gained anymore weight but you feel heavier to me, you seem even taller because I see the top of your head everywhere now :). You refuse to use clips and hair ties suddenly, I know you used to not like them but now you seem to HATE them with a passion. I might cut your fringe, it keeps getting to your eyes, still trying to convince Daddy.

So many changes for you and us this year, I’m sure we’ll cope, I’ll do my best to for all of us to cope well. Hugs by dear little RyBear!


Mommy (which btw, you still refuse to say)


3 thoughts on “16 Months

  1. Are you staying at home full time now, babe? Sounds like there’s so much on your plate now – hang in there!!!

  2. No, back to work today. My Mom and in-laws will take turns and take care of Rylen from mid AM till the evening for the next few weeks. My MILs maid can kinda handle her in the AM but she’s a bit blur and need loads of instructions but so far she’s been okay.

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