Where? THERE

Yes, I’m tired a lot more but am forced to spend more time with Rylen which I have to say isn’t much of a bad thing :). Because we’re spending more time with her I notice that she talks more… I asked her a few days ago, where’s Mommy’s belly button and she lifted my top pointed and went ‘There”. She points to most people correctly – her dada, grandma, grandpa, papa (FIL), mama (MIL), Stomper, Axl, Uncle John but when you ask where’s Mommy? She’ll point to herself, heh, oh well. When she wants something she’ll pull your finger and lead you and points to what she wants, when I ask her if she wants eg. a biscuit, she’ll push my butt off  the chair as if she’s saying hurry up slo’poke. She says thanks like an Aussie – Ta. I’m pretty sure I heard her say Stomper as well.

Rylen’s also getting pretty good at undressing herself. She’s got the shorts down and the top is not as easy, she needs a little help but we’re getting there. She also great at pointing to her eyes, ears, nose, mouth, toes, hands. And her new favourite – no more. ahahaha.

She’s a friendly kid, it’s just a pity most kids here aren’t. Days when she wants to shake hands with other children or join in and they go all cold on her and either shove her aside, run away from her and go – you can’t catch me or the nastiest; look at her like she’s got some other head growing out of her, it breaks my heart. It’s then I realise that having Lil Deux is really the best thing ever, cos I remember how lonely I was a little kid and I’m glad she won’t have to feel that way much longer.

Food wise, it’s become a real challenge feeding her, sigh, it used to be so easy. Now one week she’ll love something, 2 weeks later she spit it out. Last night I actually grilled some eggplant, put some cheese and organic tomato paste, thank goodness she ate it, added mushrooms and some bread and that was R’s and my dinner. Time to look for more recipes.


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