#2 Week 33

Right on time, I got cankles… last night. The 1 hour ride home caused it, the short walk with the dogs really helped. For the first time last night I slept well, cept for when R woke up at 3 ish just to turn on the light and check that everything was okay, I guess he’s not used to NOT being woken up by Stomper or Rylen and for the last few nights by both! Managed to pee and get back into bed and zzz quickly.

Lil Deux kicks like crazy at night around 9 to 11ish. I see my whole tummy move from side to side sometimes, a bit scary. My belly feels so tight like it can’t stretch anymore!! Anyways a photo, I hardly do many of these but here goes… I know I’m huge!

33 weeks

33 Weeks, so far so good


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