Ouch!! Leg Leg Leg!

It finally happened a major leg cramp, I was wondering when this was gonna happen and it was so bad. My leg just straightened and then I woke up and my foot when all pointed and ohgoodness it hurt and I couldn’t even bend my knee to help myself.

It’d be mean to smack the husband, he is getting older and I don’t want to induce a heart attack. So I took a note from Lil Deux’s book and clawed/ tickled him awake with “Leg! Leg! Leg!” and then “Other Leg!” and “oh my gawd, more more more” that sounds so porn-ish but it was far from satisfying and since it happened at 5.30am, I never got back to sleep and my leg muscle is still sore.

Anyways, a lovely photo of my hubba and RyBear


4 thoughts on “Ouch!! Leg Leg Leg!

  1. ROFL. I clearly remember those leg cramps!! I certainly would not have thought of describing those middle-of-the-night moments as pornish! You cracked me up!

    Your Rylen smiles so well for the camera!

  2. Only when I give her kisses does she smile like that, sweet uh? No idea when I’ll have a shot – me and her smiling 😦

  3. Ouch the leg cramp.

    You should use this line “oh my gawd, more more more” in your post as your post title, that would make it more porn-ish 🙂

    Take care! Very near to welcome your delievery already.

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