Oatmeal!?! Oh the horror!

Have you ever tried giving a toddler real oatmeal? Cos I have, twice and ohmygoodness she hates it as much… actually more than she hates fresh milk! Now, I like oatmeal, I like mine with marmalade and R likes his with way too many chocolate chips.  The first time I gave it to her with her own formula – nope, then I added her favourite banana and some full fat milk – whoa, she cried and screamed till her face turned red and then she threw a banana (much to the dogs delight). We tried for an hour and then sent her downstairs to cool down and tried again (yes, I’m horrible like that) and she had about a quarter of the bowl…ah progress. I’m gonna keep offering it to her once a week till she LOVES the darn thing!

Anyways, she’s become fussy with food, not so much the taste factor more like the CONTROL, she like to control what she wants to eat and when, I can’t really blame her but it’s freaking annoying. So I’ve had to come up with things that she’ll eat and will enjoy without salt.

So I made cutlets. I mean who doesn’t like cutlets right? The first was a potato, cod fish, beets and peas – she loved it. Then I made potato, chicken, carrots, cauliflower and cheese – ditto. Whew. I would like to try some kinda chicken nugget ( fresh minced chicken) with vegetables and  sweet potato. All pan fried with about a teaspoon of olive oil.  It’s a bit time consuming but it’s nice when we go out and she doesn’t spit out and go into a hissy fit.

But anyways, how was your weekend. Mine rocked, a tiring, full weekend. First I made awesome Cheesecake Brownies which were so yummy (just the right sweetness), then went for Ry’s GUG class, got home and cooked like crazy for a little house warming with close friends and AGAIN, I didn’t get any pictures 😦 but thanks to Ames we got a picture of us as a family just before Ry went to bed. If you look closely, R looks a lil funny cos he’s starring at Ames boobs – I did ask him to look straight, Ry looks sleepy and my face has gotten chubbier thanks to Lil Deux.

15 Jan

Then after we chilled a little on Sunday, extra long morning nap for me because my feet hurt soooo bad, we went for a swim with Tito, Angie and the boys, it might be the last swim for a while. Rylen had fun and I have no idea where she got her energy because after 1.5 hours at the pool, a shower, time at the stinky games room…she still had energy to chase a Heron before and after dinner, made her daddy and her godma chase her around… did I mention she now RUNS!!

Swimming @TMCC

Then I had oranges, those tiny mandarins, two of them, okay 2 tiny lil ones and I couldn’t breathe, two blast of the inhaler helped but I started coughing again, I hope this is just a pregnancy thing because I love citrus anything.


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