#2 Week 34

I look like a chipmunk and have developed a massive sweet tooth, MUST CONTROL! Have already gained the cut off 10kg already, oops and I have 6 weeks and CNY to go, lovely :(.

I can’t wait to see Lil Deux next Friday, it seems like such a long long way to go!

Edit: It just hit me I have 6 weeks to GO! What if Lil Deux comes earlier? We don’t have everything we need!! OHMYGOODNESS!! PANIC!! Argh.

Week 34 with Rylen


3 thoughts on “#2 Week 34

  1. Hi babe.. hows things?

    havent got a chance to sit in front of the computer to write u this..

    Sorri to hear about ur helper, was really shocked to hear that.. it pained me to know that R has been going through this for 1.5yrs 😦 . Although we all agreed she was of a great help, but like all horror stories urs is really mild. And I think you are really strong to go through this while having the 2nd, oh oh oh the stress! hope all is ready for the arrival, cant wait!

    i have a fantastic recipe for oatmeal created by ern’s mummy which was a hit with the kiddos , hope R will like it. Its a savory version of the oatmeal dish.

    Oatmeal with sweetcorn:

    chicken stock with corn

    I use homemade thick stock boiled it with corn kernels (frozen), add oatmeat to it, stirring in slowly (oatmeal expands pretty slowly) avoid it making it mushy, its yucky hahha

    hope she likes it! V had it for 6 months before deciding its not nice anymore rofl

  2. I’m amazed at how strong babies are you know, with Ry, we found out my dad was ill, a lil bit of spotting cos of stress and being tired and then it was all good. Lil Deux, she seems totally okay with my increased stress levels too :).

    I need to go get corn, soon, thanks!

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