Weekends Make Me Go Ouch…

I don’t know what it is about weekends, I overload myself or something and by Sunday I feel awful. I think I actually get more rest when I go to work!!

Rylen has become … how should I put this nicely… well, horrible. There are times where I don’t know what to do and just stare at her and wonder who is this and what happened to my darling baby girl?

Okay, so lets start from Friday… well Friday is a blur, I frankly don’t know what I did cept’ meet Angie & her son Chris for tea with Rylen and get stuff from NTUC, how boringly domestic. We also decided that we were gonna get Ry outta her Grobag :(, she fell asleep okay but woke up in the middle of the night – both Fri & Sat. We put her back in the Grobag last night and she slept through *darn it*.

On Saturday, got her to class, left a little early and attended Venene’s daughter’s 1st b’day. Boring. Can I just state for the record 1st Birthday’s suck in general,. Yeah, I don’t attend many *whew* but only Flo’s had snacks for the kids, everyone else has adult food and that’s it… blah. Because of what I do for a living, I hate hate hate catered food in general. Plus the parents look harassed and one year olds look lost and/or disinterested.  Managed to get some rest on Saturday and even finished watching SONS.

Then on Sunday… dang dang dang dang… I’d heard so much about Royce Kids Gym and convinced the husband to go. WHAT A RIP OFF. I’m so not pleased. Because Rylen had fallen asleep, we had to take a 30 minute trial class, her, R and I = 25 bucks. I don’t personally think it was woot woot fun, kinda blah but it is good for younger kids, I’ll give them that. By the time, Ry kinda got into it, we were told that our 30 mins was up, our 30 mins incl.ed getting her socks on and my socks on = NOT COOL. Plus, they were closing to clean up in 10 mins, what’s the harm in giving us another 5 mins or so? Nope, they kinda hovered while I was trying to get Rylen to leave the doll behind.

So trial class = FAIL.

Royce Kids Gym = does not get my approval nor repeat business.

Anyway, we when down to the basement at Liang Court where there’s a pretty decent Jap Deli thingy, didn’t disappoint but Rylen was annoying though she has to admit she enjoyed her food. I also love the supermarket at Liang Court.

Got home and for some reason, I decided I was gonna do some hand and potato painting with her, oh the mess and she enjoyed it for …oh… 15 minutes, before she got up and just walked off leaving some paint on the wall and a heavy pregnant mother trying to get off the floor in a hurry. “Not cool Rylen, not cool”. Then I had to shower the painted kid, play with her a little more before she was finally tired and had her milk and after 30 minutes of me telling her to keep quiet and sleep, she FINALLY went down for her nap. By that time, my belly was hurting like crazy and I was getting worried, felt nauseous while trying to rest/ sleep. Gave up, read What To Expect and figured I was having early signs of labour, basically, I has having what I would call really bad period cramps and my va-jay-jay felt so heavy (that’s been happening when I’m tired, at the end of the day and when I just wake up), all I wanted to do was zzz but couldn’t. I sent Rylen to my Mom’s place in the evening for an hour so she could go to the playground and I could rest a bit more and not feel bad. Chilling out helped loads. Then I felt my second Braxton Hicks Contractions ever and sat down for a bit till it went away. Sigh, all these new things, they freak me out a little and R out a lot!

Oh and Rylen has developed this thing where she empties the dogs water bowls, it’s not fun, funny or cute in anyway whatsoever. I had to give her a time out – didn’t work, a time out and smacked her hands – didn’t work, made her say sorry to the helper and the doggies – didn’t work :(. She did it 4 times on Sunday alone. Argh! Time to get a naughty chair I think.


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